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Feel guilty leaving your dog home alone when you go to work? Give them something fun to do during the day. Keep them out of trouble at daycare! I am a certified dog trainer. My husband and I run a small breed dog daycare in our home because we really love dogs and we want to keep our Bella socialized. All our little doggie guests are treated as if they are our own! They get lots of love and attention and our Bella doesn't mind sharing us at all. She's not the jealous type...she just wants to play with dogs all day long and loves meeting new friends! It's important for your dog to have dog friends and they would enjoy a better quality of life if they weren't bored at home sleeping all day. At our place, your dog's day would be full of fun stuff to do which stimulates the mind and keeps them active too. Experience guilt-free dog ownership by bringing your dog to daycare. Instead of your dog being sad that you are leaving them, they will be happy that you are bringing them to daycare where time will fly by, they'll have so much fun, run and play then when you come pick them up they will be as pooped as you are and ready to relax with you. We have plenty of safe toys for play time, there are lots of beds for nap time and you may bring your own snacks for snack time if you wish. We take only small breed dogs, 20lbs and less, so you can feel at ease knowing that your dog is playing with others it's own size, minimizing risk of injury. 

Dogs are also NEVER left together unattended. If we need to separate them if they don't get along or if I have to leave them for a short time, I separate them with a doggy fence, sectioning off parts of the main level so that the dogs can still see each other but cannot touch each other. Separating them gives them their own space until I remove the fences and it's play time again! 

Our dog daycare differs significantly from dayboarding, in which a dog is crated or kenneled during the daytime hours. Our daycare is an alternative to boarding a dog in a crate, kennel or run, or having a dog stay home all alone all day. That's no fun!

Our dogs also get to spend plenty of time outdoors. The dogs are free to run around the house, even on the furniture! 

And you don't have to worry, every dog must be evaluated and classified as friendly and non aggressive in order to be allowed to socialize with the other dogs. We would never put your dog in a dangerous situation. You can be assured that your dog will be in the best hands.

If your dog has any special requirements or if you have any particular request, don't hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you and your dog's needs. 

Your dog must not be aggressive to dogs or people.