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Every dog should have some training whether they are big or small.

The younger your dog is, the easier it is to communicate to them their role in the heirarchy of the pack, which is your family.

Obedience training establishes a dog/master relationship between you and your dog.



Lack of training could result in a dog with attitude! In a
dog pack, if there is no clear leader in the group, a dog
will step up and take that role. If your dog is not convinced
that you are the leader, they will assume that they are the
leader and won’t listen to you.



By taking an obedience course with me, you strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Your dog will gain confidence as they realise their role and are rewarded for following your commands. Your dog will respect you and feel comfortable under your guidance and leadership.

My courses are 1 on 1 and custom made to fit your specific situation and needs. Each dog and family is different, so each course is different. Courses are generally 6 to 10 weeks long. Dogs learn with repetition and consistency, corrections and reward. Classes take place at your home indoors and out, depending on what needs to be taught.

My clients have access to me at all times by phone or email, even after the course is completed.


So whether you have puppy problems like chewing or having accidents
in the house or if your dog has recently adopted some bad habits...
no problem is too big or too small to be corrected. Let me know what
your problems are so I can provide a solutionn and we can come up with
a plan to correct any bad behaviours your dog my have.



Or maybe you want to train your dog BEFORE any bad habits start. In any case, Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.






Give your dog the gift of training today! The sooner you address problems the better.

Dogs are all about habit. Don’t let them have a bad habit for too long. It gets increasingly difficult to change bad habits into good ones as time passes.

Training while at my home is also a possiblility for small breeds. Give them the opportunity to learn without any distractions in the home of a qualified dog trainer.